Colors of the Rainbow Tag!!!!

Hey guys today I’m doing the rainbow tag!!! The Rainbow tag is a tag where you show your favorite items at the time and follow R.O.Y G. B.I.V (red orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet) and also include pink and multicolored for fun.



For red I chose the Strawberry Body Butter by The Body Shop. I bought this because of missglamorazzi on YouTube who raved about this saying that this is soooo awesome so I had to try it. The body butter is so hydrating and stays on your skin all day and smells really good. The smell smells like the hair of a strawberry patch shortcake doll. It costs $20 but is on sale right now for only $10.



For orange (this was kinda gold but I thought it was close enough) I chose The Lorac satisfying toffee crunch Natural Eyeshadow Palettee from the sweet temptations set. Sadly this product is limited edition but I found a palette that is really close to it and it is the Tarte beauty & the box palette in the shade in the buff which costs $22. I love the Lorac palette the eyeshadows are super smooth and feel really creamy. Also the eyeshadows are super pigmented.



For Yellow I chose The Bath and Body Works scent in Forever sunshine. This costs $14 and smells really good. In the bottle the perfume is more yellow than in the picture. This smells like oranges, tangerines, and a hint of vanilla.



For green I chose my cute brush holder. I got this brush holder from michaels and it was only $1. I believe this was from the Ashland collection.



For blue I chose another Body Butter which I might even say that I like this one better than the body shop one. I got a sample of this from and I fell in love with it. I was at Nordstrom rack and I saw this and it was super-sized. So for my birthday, which is today, my mom bought this for me. I was really happy because if you go on the super-sized costs $49 and the one at Nordstrom rack only cost $16.99. It smells just like what is say which is very lemony and herbaly.



For indigo i chose a Julep nail polish in Ally which is a Bombshell style nail polish. It is also the color on my nails in the picture. I wasn’t quite sure if this was considered indigo but I thought is was pretty close. This nail polish went opaque in one coat. Full priced it costs $14  but if you are a maven member it only costs $11.20.



For purple I chose the Bath and Body Works lotion in Rio Rumberry. This costs $11 but is on sale for $5.50. This smells a lot like berries and some coconut and kinda like brown sugar.



For Pink I chose a really cute head band from a store called south moon under. This is called the Pin & Tube Braided Friendship Headband and it costs $14.95. On the website the color choice is red but it is definitely pink.



For multicolored I chose these sunglasses from target. They cost $12.99 and are really cute. I heard of these from eleventh gorgeous on YouTube. I thought they were really fun and good for my vacation when I go to California next week.

Thank you for reading my post and comment down below what your favorite items are for the colors of the rainbow.