Little Black Bag unboxing!!!


Heyy guys!! Today I’m going to do a little black bag unboxing post! Little black bag is a monthly subscription service where you choice an amount of $29.95 and $49.95. You can also buy more bags so you don’t have to have one for each month. What you do is choice an item you would like then the “stylist” will choose 2-3 more items. when you check out they reveal the items you got. If you don’t like the items you have 3 days to trade ($30 bag) or 7 days to trade (50 dollar bag).  To trade find an item you like and ask to trade with other people. they can accept your offer or they can deny it. When your trading is over they will mail it to you (takes 3-8 days).

Sooo let’s get started!!



The first thing I got was a peppermint candy cane bar. I am not really a fan of peppermint and when you open it, it has small chunks of candy cane. The only reason I didn’t trade it was because no one will accept it. 😦


Next, I got a Goose Creek Candle in the scent Vanilla Wonderland. I didn’t want to trade this item because I thought it would be a nice vanilla scent but, I don’t really think it smells like vanilla. For some reason I feel like it smells a little bit like mint which isn’t a problem but it’s a strange mint smell if that makes sense.


Next I got a crystal and chain rope bracelet from the brand punch. I really like that it is adjustable because I have small wrists. It is super cute and I’m so glad i got that.


The Last thing I got is the Rampage full rimmed aviators. I loooove these sunglasses. First it came in a really cute cheetah print bag. They fit my face perfectly and are perfect for the summer.

I hope you guys like my unboxing and I really recommend this website. Go to the link above and look around in the gallery. Leave a comment down below if you have any more questions about Little black bag.


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