Music bird pendant necklace tutorial!!

Heyyy guys!!! Today I’m going to do my first ever Jewelry tutorial. All of the items I bought are from Joann Fabrics or Michaels. My personal favorite place to buy jewelry is Michaels because I feel like they have a better selection of chains and pendants and their prices are super nice and usually all of the items are on sale or on clearance. So let’s get started!!!


Items you will need:

First step:


Take your pliers and open one of the chain lengths so you get only 24 in.

Second step:

SAMSUNG Open up one of the ends of your chain and add your clasp to it. Then, close the chain back up. Next, you clip your clasp to the other end of the chain.

Should look like this:


Third step:

Find the center of the necklace and place your pendant below it so you remember where your middle is.


Fourth step:

Then you pry open your piece of chain that you marked and add your pendant and then close the chain back up. If your pendant doesn’t fit on the chain (like mine didn’t) then add a bigger jump ring like 4mm Then, add your two ends of the chain and your pendant. Yayyy!!! Now your done.


This should be your final look:


Thanks for trying to make this necklace look I hope you liked it and please leave a comment if you have any questions on where to buy items or how to do something.


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