Battle of the….



e.l.f. Essential Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick          NYX jumbo eye pencil

Today I’m going to do a Makeup Battle of the elf jumbo eyeshadow sticks against the Nyx jumbo eye pencil. For this battle I’m going to show you a swatch of each product, the price, and my opinion on each product The at the end I will reveal the winner.


First I’m going to talk about the elf jumbo eyeshadow stick. On the left is little miss thing and on the right is french lace. Each stick is $2 and comes in 10 different colors. I find that the item is easy to apply and that they have good color choices. But, they are hard to blend and wear off so easily. I’ll put it on in the morning and then when I come home from school it will look like I don’t have any eyeshadow on at all even with an eyeshadow primer.



To the left are the swatches from the nyx jumbo eye pencils. The first color is in the color milk, then it is french fries, and finally the last color is cashmere. Each pencil costs $4.49 and comes in 31 different colors. Unlike the elf ones the NYX eye pencils are easy to blend and have a bigger variety of colors. The only bad thing is, is that you have to sharpen these pencils unlike the elf ones where they are retractable at the bottom.


And the winner is...

SAMSUNGNYX jumbo eye pencils!!!!!!! This won by a long shoot because even though it’s a little more expensive it has such better quality. I find that it doesn’t were off and is easy to apply. They even have a much bigger color variety. Here is the link for the NYX jumbo eye pencils.


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