E.L.F. HAUL!!!!!

Hey guys today I’m doing and e.l.f. haul. For each haul I’m going to tell you what the product is and how much it costs. I will also give the link to each product. This post won’t be in depth because if it was the post would be way to long. Also, I will tell you if I like it or not.

On the left is two of the e.l.f. studio matte eyeshadow. To the right are the swatches. The color on the top is chestnut and on the bottom is muted mauve. Each eyeshadow costs $3. I lobe how the colors are nicely pigmented but the only thing is, is that it is very powdery and the product makes a mess.



Above is the e.l.f. essential eyelid primer in the color sheer. This product is only $1. I like the smoothness of it when I apply it to my eyelids but I feel like the product won’t last long.



This next product is the e.l.f. essential super glossy lip shine in the color pink kiss. The lip gloss is only $1 each and they have a good variety of shades/colors. I love this product. It isn’t sticky on your lips at all and the color is really pretty. The only bad thing about this lip gloss is that it smells really bad. When I put it on my lips though I don’t notice it anymore so I wouldn’t put that against it.



Next, is the e.l.f essential travel mirror. This mirror is only $1 and one side is normal and the other side is magnified. This item is really nice on the go like to school or to work even on the airplane if you’d like.



This product is called the e.l.f. studio concealer in ivory. This costs $3 and comes in 4 shades. I completely hate this product. I feel that it is really chalky and is hard to blend in.



Next, is the e.l.f. essential dual pencil sharpener. I comes with a duo pencil sharpener with a large and small hole plus a travel sharpener on the go. This pencil sharpener is only $1. I really like this because it sharpens well and has a big hole for jumbo eye pencils.


SAMSUNGSAMSUNGThis product is the e.l.f. customizable palette. The colors include (from left top to right top then left bottom to right bottom/1st swatch to 2nd to 3d to 4th) mocha, taupe, truly pink, and wheat. each eyeshadow is $1 and the palette itself is $1. You can also get lip colors. I love this palette! It has pretty neutral and a nice pink champagne highlight.



The next item is the e.l.f. essential smudge brush. The essential brush line all has their handles a nice pearly white color. The brush is only $1. I like to use this brush to smudge my eyeliner so it is not such a harsh line.


SAMSUNGSAMSUNGThese are the e.l.f. essential jumbo eyeshadow sticks. The colors from left to right (for both pics) is little miss thing and french lace. Each eyeshadow stick is $2 and they have a good variety of colors to choose from. I love these but, the only problem is that they wear off too easily.


SAMSUNGSAMSUNGLast but definitely not least is the e.l.f. studio beauty book in in the bronzed look. On the left side is the day look and on the right side is the night look. This beauty book comes with 6 eyeshadows, 1 eyelid primer, 1 applicator, and 1 eye pencil in coffee. It costs only $5. I really love this palette and don’t think there are any cons about it.


I hope you guys liked my review and I’m happy to answer any of your questions you have on the products I just listed. Thank You!!!


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