Nail Polish pick of the WEEK!!!!

Hey guys!!! Just like I promise, I’m going to do my nail pick. Lets get started!!

I picked…….

photo 2-1photo 1-1

My thoughts:

I really like the nail polish color. I’d describe the color as a blueish purple with some shimmer. It took me two coats to get a solid coverage. I’m not that crazy on the brush. It’s a little small but it’s not that bad. When you first apply it to your nails, the color isn’t streaky and and the polish dries pretty fast. Overall I’d definitely buy more ZOYA nail polishes.



Hey guys!! First off, i’d like to apologize for my absence. I have school and clubs that are taking up a lot of my after school time. I want to change that. I’m not telling you that I’ll have a post for you every week, but when I have time I will try to fit one in. Some exciting news, I’m going to have a new type of post. Recently I have vamped up my nail polish storage. I got this idea from life ann style.


Also I came up with this idea to take a jar and write all of my nail polishes names on them. So, every time I want to change my nail color I pick a paper and that’s the color I will use. I used a jelly bean cupcake jar that I got when I went to the Jelly Bean factory in California.

photo 1 photo 2

So I will post a blog for the color I chose and tell you how I like it and if I’d buy more colors from that brand. Watch out for these posts once or twice a month, depending on how often I want to change my nails. Thanks for reading my update. Hoped you enjoyed and I will have a post on Sunday, hopefully, will my nail post. BYEE!!

Colors of the Rainbow Tag!!!!

Hey guys today I’m doing the rainbow tag!!! The Rainbow tag is a tag where you show your favorite items at the time and follow R.O.Y G. B.I.V (red orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet) and also include pink and multicolored for fun.



For red I chose the Strawberry Body Butter by The Body Shop. I bought this because of missglamorazzi on YouTube who raved about this saying that this is soooo awesome so I had to try it. The body butter is so hydrating and stays on your skin all day and smells really good. The smell smells like the hair of a strawberry patch shortcake doll. It costs $20 but is on sale right now for only $10.



For orange (this was kinda gold but I thought it was close enough) I chose The Lorac satisfying toffee crunch Natural Eyeshadow Palettee from the sweet temptations set. Sadly this product is limited edition but I found a palette that is really close to it and it is the Tarte beauty & the box palette in the shade in the buff which costs $22. I love the Lorac palette the eyeshadows are super smooth and feel really creamy. Also the eyeshadows are super pigmented.



For Yellow I chose The Bath and Body Works scent in Forever sunshine. This costs $14 and smells really good. In the bottle the perfume is more yellow than in the picture. This smells like oranges, tangerines, and a hint of vanilla.



For green I chose my cute brush holder. I got this brush holder from michaels and it was only $1. I believe this was from the Ashland collection.



For blue I chose another Body Butter which I might even say that I like this one better than the body shop one. I got a sample of this from and I fell in love with it. I was at Nordstrom rack and I saw this and it was super-sized. So for my birthday, which is today, my mom bought this for me. I was really happy because if you go on the super-sized costs $49 and the one at Nordstrom rack only cost $16.99. It smells just like what is say which is very lemony and herbaly.



For indigo i chose a Julep nail polish in Ally which is a Bombshell style nail polish. It is also the color on my nails in the picture. I wasn’t quite sure if this was considered indigo but I thought is was pretty close. This nail polish went opaque in one coat. Full priced it costs $14  but if you are a maven member it only costs $11.20.



For purple I chose the Bath and Body Works lotion in Rio Rumberry. This costs $11 but is on sale for $5.50. This smells a lot like berries and some coconut and kinda like brown sugar.



For Pink I chose a really cute head band from a store called south moon under. This is called the Pin & Tube Braided Friendship Headband and it costs $14.95. On the website the color choice is red but it is definitely pink.



For multicolored I chose these sunglasses from target. They cost $12.99 and are really cute. I heard of these from eleventh gorgeous on YouTube. I thought they were really fun and good for my vacation when I go to California next week.

Thank you for reading my post and comment down below what your favorite items are for the colors of the rainbow.

Review: Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette!!

Today I’m doing a review on the Naked basics palette by Urban Decay!!!! I have had this product for four months and I am still loving it! The palette costs $27 and there are 6 shades in the palette. It is a perfect product for beginners or people who love a really natural eye (like me)! They apply to my eye lid very smoothly, but the only con is that it is gets powdery in the palette. The colors are pretty pigmented and the palette is nice and small so you can bring to work or school or to go traveling. These eyeshadows are also very good at blending and have good stain power.

(click the picture to send you to

These are the six shades:


The first eyeshadow is named Venus. This color is the only shimmer shade in the whole palette. Everything else is matte.


This color is called Foxy. It is Pretty close to my skin tone just more on the yellow side. This shade is also matte. (The white is the nyx eye pencil in milk. I needed it because the colors were to close to my skin tone and you wouldn’t be able to see it in the picture.)


This shade is in the color W.O.S or walk of shame. This shade is a very little nude matte. It also is close to my skin tone color but more on the pink side.


The next shade is called naked 2. The shade is a light soft brown matte color. I put this in my crease for a natural look.


This shade is named Faint. It is a warm medium/dark matte brown. I put this shade in the outer corner to darken up the look.


The last shade is named crave. It is a dark black matte shade. I put this color on top lash line for a soft liner or use it to set my cream and liquid liners.

Pros: Super pigmented, creamy, and long lasting

Cons: powdery in the palette

Overall, this is a really nice palette and has all the colors you need for beginners or for a perfect neutral eye look. I would definitely recommend this product.

Apil Ipsy Bag!!!


Hey guys!!! Today I’m going to do an unbaging of the April Ipsy bag!!!! This is my first Ipsy bag and I am soo happy with the results. The bag costs $37 retail value but only costs $10 with the monthly subscription



The first thing in the bag is a mineral eyeshadow by MICA beauty cosmetics. It is in the shade 72 earth. MICA beauty cosmetics is a brand that has all mineral makeup. This is a full size and a full size costs $14.95. I’m not a fan of how it is not pressed but it is such a pretty color I don’t mind.


The next thing is blush by be a bombshell. The blush is in the shade sweet cheeks. This is also a full size and a full size costs $16. The blush is really smooth and creamy and is super pigmented.


The next product is called soy renewal by the brand sexy hair. A full size product is 4.2 fl oz. and the one that came in the bag is 0.85 fl oz. A full size costs $21.95.


The next product is a nail polish by the brand sation. The color I got is love at first byte. This is also a full size and costs $5. The shade looks sheer but if you do enough coats it will become opaque.

Thanks for reading my post I hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned every Friday for a new post.

Little Black Bag unboxing!!!


Heyy guys!! Today I’m going to do a little black bag unboxing post! Little black bag is a monthly subscription service where you choice an amount of $29.95 and $49.95. You can also buy more bags so you don’t have to have one for each month. What you do is choice an item you would like then the “stylist” will choose 2-3 more items. when you check out they reveal the items you got. If you don’t like the items you have 3 days to trade ($30 bag) or 7 days to trade (50 dollar bag).  To trade find an item you like and ask to trade with other people. they can accept your offer or they can deny it. When your trading is over they will mail it to you (takes 3-8 days).

Sooo let’s get started!!



The first thing I got was a peppermint candy cane bar. I am not really a fan of peppermint and when you open it, it has small chunks of candy cane. The only reason I didn’t trade it was because no one will accept it. 😦


Next, I got a Goose Creek Candle in the scent Vanilla Wonderland. I didn’t want to trade this item because I thought it would be a nice vanilla scent but, I don’t really think it smells like vanilla. For some reason I feel like it smells a little bit like mint which isn’t a problem but it’s a strange mint smell if that makes sense.


Next I got a crystal and chain rope bracelet from the brand punch. I really like that it is adjustable because I have small wrists. It is super cute and I’m so glad i got that.


The Last thing I got is the Rampage full rimmed aviators. I loooove these sunglasses. First it came in a really cute cheetah print bag. They fit my face perfectly and are perfect for the summer.

I hope you guys like my unboxing and I really recommend this website. Go to the link above and look around in the gallery. Leave a comment down below if you have any more questions about Little black bag.

Julep starter box unboxing!!!

Hey guys!!! Today I’m going to do an unboxing post. Julep is a website were you can buy Julep nail polish and they sell some beauty products. First you take a style quiz and they determine what style you are (I am BOHO GLAM). Next, they give you a starter box that is $20 but if you use the coupon code: freebox. After you get your first box they will send you one every month that will fit your style and the season. You don’t need to get the subscription but you can still buy their nail polish by themselves. If you do become a Julep Maven (which means you have the subscription) you get 20% off all products and you get free shipping. My favorite part is the saving because the box only costs $20 and the retail price is $46!!

So lets get started with the unboxing!!!!


First thing in the box was a free sample of the The Best Pedi Creme Ever. The website says it is an exfoliate with alpha hydroxy acids, hydrates with shea butter and coconut oil, nourishes with Vitamin E. Apply nightly for noticeable results in just 1-2 uses. Full size is 2 fl. oz. and is $22 and the maven price is $17.60.


The next item is the Julep essential cuticle oil. It is an all-natural blend of essential oils and Vitamin E that hydrates and strengthens nails and cuticles. It also extends the life of your manicure while leaving a glossy sheen. Use daily to soften rough cuticles and strengthen nails. It is a roller ball applicator that makes it easy to apply. I believe this is a full sized product and usually costs $18.


The first nail polish is in the color Lisa. It has a creme finish and is a warm pebble grey. Julep Nail Color is “4-free” which means it does not contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, or DBP. Regular size nail polish is $14.


The last item is in the color Petra. It is a shimmer finish and is a cranberry magenta with silver shimmer. Regular price is $14.

This is my unboxing post I hope you enjoyed sorry I haven’t posted in a while I’ve been super busy. Comment down below if you have any question on these products.

Review: Urban decay naked flushed palette

Hey guys!! Today I’m going to review the urban decay naked flushed palette.



This palette consists of a bronzer, highlight, and blush. You can use each color separately or you can blend them together and create the perfect shade. The bronzer is a medium bronze satin; the highlighter is a soft pink champagne shimmer; and the blush is a dusty rose with some shimmer. They are all full-sized and comes in a sleek compact case with a big mirror perfect for travel. This palette is $30 and you can find it at Sephora or Ulta.


I think this product is amazing just not for me. The blush is a little too pigmented for me and I find that the blush is very powdery. I love the highlight and the bronzer but I don’t wear bronzer every day.


This is perfect for anyone who loves to wear bronzer and likes the dusty pigmented blush.

Music bird pendant necklace tutorial!!

Heyyy guys!!! Today I’m going to do my first ever Jewelry tutorial. All of the items I bought are from Joann Fabrics or Michaels. My personal favorite place to buy jewelry is Michaels because I feel like they have a better selection of chains and pendants and their prices are super nice and usually all of the items are on sale or on clearance. So let’s get started!!!


Items you will need:

First step:


Take your pliers and open one of the chain lengths so you get only 24 in.

Second step:

SAMSUNG Open up one of the ends of your chain and add your clasp to it. Then, close the chain back up. Next, you clip your clasp to the other end of the chain.

Should look like this:


Third step:

Find the center of the necklace and place your pendant below it so you remember where your middle is.


Fourth step:

Then you pry open your piece of chain that you marked and add your pendant and then close the chain back up. If your pendant doesn’t fit on the chain (like mine didn’t) then add a bigger jump ring like 4mm Then, add your two ends of the chain and your pendant. Yayyy!!! Now your done.


This should be your final look:


Thanks for trying to make this necklace look I hope you liked it and please leave a comment if you have any questions on where to buy items or how to do something.

Battle of the….



e.l.f. Essential Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick          NYX jumbo eye pencil

Today I’m going to do a Makeup Battle of the elf jumbo eyeshadow sticks against the Nyx jumbo eye pencil. For this battle I’m going to show you a swatch of each product, the price, and my opinion on each product The at the end I will reveal the winner.


First I’m going to talk about the elf jumbo eyeshadow stick. On the left is little miss thing and on the right is french lace. Each stick is $2 and comes in 10 different colors. I find that the item is easy to apply and that they have good color choices. But, they are hard to blend and wear off so easily. I’ll put it on in the morning and then when I come home from school it will look like I don’t have any eyeshadow on at all even with an eyeshadow primer.



To the left are the swatches from the nyx jumbo eye pencils. The first color is in the color milk, then it is french fries, and finally the last color is cashmere. Each pencil costs $4.49 and comes in 31 different colors. Unlike the elf ones the NYX eye pencils are easy to blend and have a bigger variety of colors. The only bad thing is, is that you have to sharpen these pencils unlike the elf ones where they are retractable at the bottom.


And the winner is...

SAMSUNGNYX jumbo eye pencils!!!!!!! This won by a long shoot because even though it’s a little more expensive it has such better quality. I find that it doesn’t were off and is easy to apply. They even have a much bigger color variety. Here is the link for the NYX jumbo eye pencils.